'Augusta' can also refer to...

Alice Augusta Woods (1849—1941) educationist and college head

Augusta (1719—1772) consort of Frederick Lewis, prince of Wales

Augusta Baker (1911—1998)

Augusta Emerita

Augusta Hall (1802—1896) promoter of the Welsh national revival

Augusta Holmès (1847—1903) composer

Augusta Jane Evans (1835—1909)

Augusta Joanna Elizabeth Innes Withers (1793—1876) botanical artist

Augusta Legge (1822—1900) philanthropist

Augusta Leigh (1784—1851)

Augusta Maywood (1825—1876)

Augusta Nielsen (1822)

Augusta Praetoria

Augusta Raurica

Augusta Read Thomas (b. 1964)

Augusta Savage (1892—1962)

Augusta Taurinorum

Augusta Theodosia Drane (1823—1894) prioress of Stone and author

Augusta Traiana

Augusta Treverorum

Augusta Vindelic(or)um

Augusta Webster (1837—1894) poet

Augustus, Augusta, as titles

Bank of Augusta v. Earle

Charlotte Augusta Leopoldine Marsh (1887—1961) suffragette and social worker

Cornelia Augusta Connelly (1809—1879) Roman Catholic nun and educational reformer

Cristóbal de Augusta (fl. 1569—1584)

Ēmerita Augusta

(Emilie Augusta) Louise Lind af Hageby (1878—1963) animal welfare campaigner


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