'auld' can also refer to...

Amanda Auld Sears (1826—1878)

Audrey Auld

Auld Family

Auld Lang Syne

France: the ‘Auld Alliance’

Georgie Auld (b. 1919)

John Auld (b. 1930)

Mary Auld (1893—1984) local politician and women's organizer

Sir John Auld Mactaggart (1867—1956) builder

Susan Mary Auld (1915—2002) naval architect

William Auld (1924—2006) Esperanto poet and writer


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The Scottish form of old.

Auld Alliance an informal term for the political relationship of France and Scotland between the 14th and the 16th century.

Auld lang syne a Scottish phrase meaning times long past. The phrase was popularized as the title and refrain of a song by Robert Burns (1788), now traditionally sung on New Year's Eve.

Auld Reekie an informal name for Edinburgh, recorded from the early 19th century and meaning literally ‘Old Smoky’.

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