David Barclay

(1729—1809) banker and brewer

'David Barclay' can also refer to...

David Barclay (1682—1769) merchant

David E. Barclay

Barclay, David (1682-1769), merchant

William Barclay David Donald Turnbull (1811—1863) archivist and antiquary

Barclay, David (1729-1809), banker and brewer

BARCLAY, Theodore David (1906 - 1981), retired banker

BAND, David (1942 - 1996), Chief Executive, Barclays de Zoete Wedd, since 1988; Director: Barclays PLC, since 1988; Barclays Bank PLC, since 1988

Turnbull, William Barclay David Donald (1811-1863), archivist and antiquary

WRIGHT, David (John) (born 1944), HM Diplomatic Service, retired; Vice-Chairman, Barclays (formerly Barclays Capital), since 2003

WALKER, David (Alan) (born 1939), Chairman: Barclays Bank PLC, 2012–15; Winton Capital, since 2015

COWEN, John David (1904 - 1981), Director, Barclays Bank Ltd, 1965–74

QUILTER, David (Cuthbert) Tudway (1921 - 2007), Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset, 1978–96; Local Director, Barclays Bank, Bristol, 1962–84 (Director, Barclays Bank UK Ltd, 1971–81)

ADAM, (David Stuart) Gordon (1927 - 1995), Director, Barclays Bank UK, 1977–87; Chairman, International Trust Group Ltd, 1983–89 (Director, 1982–93)

BARCLAY, David (Rowat) - Joint Proprietor: Littlewoods, since 2002; Woolworths and Ladybird Brands, since 2009; The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Spectator magazine and Apollo, since 2004

1012.1. Ashbourne. Th. 16 Sept. '84. David Barclay. Address: To Mr Barclay in Red Lyon Square London (redirected to Youngsbury near Wear Herts). Postmark: 20SE. A. Houghton.—John Scott, Critical Essays 1785, iii.

David E. Barclay. Frederick William IV and the Prussian Monarchy 1840–1861. New York: Clarendon Press of Oxford University Press. 1995. Pp. xiii, 335. $55.00

Transatlantic Images and Perceptions: Germany and America since 1776. Ed. by David E. Barclay and Elisabeth Glaser-Schmidt. (Washington and Cambridge: German Historical Institute and Cambridge University Press, 1997. viii, 373 pp. $64.95, ISBN 0-521-58091-9.)

David E. Barclay and Elisabeth Glaser-Schmidt, editors. Transatlantic Images and Perceptions: Germany and America since 1776. (Publications of the German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C.) New York: Cambridge University Press. 1997. Pp. viii, 373. $64.95

MILLER, David Andrew Barclay (born 1954), W. M. Keck Foundation Professor of Electrical Engineering, since 1997 (Professor of Electrical Engineering, since 1996), and Co-Director, Stanford Photonics Research Centre, since 1999, Stanford University

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