'Barrow' can also refer to...

April Barrows (b. 1954)

bank barrow



barrow boy

barrow cemetery

Barrow's zones

bell barrow

bowl barrow

Bush Barrow, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England

Cotswold–Severn long barrow

disc barrow

Donnai–Barrow syndrome

Dora Frances Barrow Montefiore (1851—1933) suffragist

D-shaped barrow

Elizabeth Barrow Dickens (1789—1863)

fancy barrow

Florence Mary Barrow (1876—1964) relief worker and promoter of improved housing

founder's barrow

George Barrow (1853—1932) geologist

Henry Barrow (c. 1790—1870) maker of mathematical instruments

Henry Barrow (c. 1550—1593) religious separatist

Isaac Barrow (1630—1677) mathematician and theologian

Isaac Barrow (1613—1680) bishop of St Asaph

John Barrow (fl. c. 1725—1784) teacher of mathematics and writer

John Henry Barrow (1796—1858) journalist and writer

Julia Bennett Barrow (1824)

Keith Barrow

Kim Barrow


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Village in Alaska; the northernmost US community. The US Navy operates a research station nearby. Whaling is the chief industry. Pop. (2000) 4581.

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