Council of Basle

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The Council was convened by Martin V. When the new Pope, Eugenius IV, dissolved the Council, it disregarded his action and reaffirmed the decrees of the Council of Constance on the superiority of a General Council to a Pope. Under political pressure in 1433 the Pope revoked his decision and recognized the Council. In 1437 the Hussite question was settled against the Papal views by ratification of the ‘Compactata’, conceding to the Bohemians Communion in both kinds. In the same year occurred the break with the Orthodox Church over the place of meeting for a council which was intended to unite the E. and W. Churches; Eugenius then transferred the Council to Ferrara. Those who remained at Basle declared him deposed and elected an antipope, Felix V, in 1439. In 1448 they were driven from Basle and in 1449 at Lausanne decreed the Council closed.

The oecumenicity of the Council has been disputed, but most RCs now recognize the first 25 sessions, until the transfer of the Council to Ferrara and Florence.

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