'basset' can also refer to...

Alan Basset (c. 1162—1232) administrator



basset horn

Basset Jhones (c. 1614—1638) physician, chemist, and grammarian

Francis Basset (1757—1835) politician and landowner

Fulk Basset (c. 1211—1259) bishop of London

Gilbert Basset (c. 1171—1241) knight and rebel

John Basset (1791—1843) writer on Cornish mining

Joshua Basset (c. 1641—1719) college head

Peter Basset (fl. c. 1405—1447) soldier and historian

Philip Basset (c. 1201—1271) justiciar and royalist nobleman

Philippa Basset (c. 1219—1260) magnate

Ralph Basset (c. 1052—1127) justice

Ralph Basset (c. 1220—1279) baron

Richard Basset (c. 1064—1139) justice

Sir Ralph Basset (c. 1195—1265) baronial leader

Sir William Basset (c. 1286—1356) justice

Thomas Basset (c. 1107—1182) justice

Thomas Basset (c. 1150—1220) soldier and courtier

William Basset (1644—1696) Church of England clergyman

William Basset (c. 1153—1190) justice and sheriff

William Basset (c. 1169—1244) justice


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Short-legged hunting hound, originally bred in France to flush out game. After the bloodhound, it has the most highly developed sense of smell among dogs. Bassets have long bodies and ...

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