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(Skt., wheel of becoming).

A wheel, commonly known as ‘the wheel of life’, represented pictorially in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as a wheel divided into six sections depicting the nature of life in each of the six realms of rebirth (gati). The six realms are laid out around a central hub around which a cock (desire), pig (ignorance), and snake (hatred) chase one another. Around the circumference is a rim divided in twelve sections depicting in symbolic form the twelve links of Dependent Origination (pratītya-samutpāda). Behind the wheel and grasping it firmly (thus symbolizing that the whole of saṃsāra is within his power) stands Yama.the god of death. According to some accounts, the wheel represents a mirror that Yama holds up to a person at the moment of death. The mirror reflects the possible realms of rebirth.and the dying soul will be drawn to one of them in accordance with its karma.

Fig 4 bhavacakra

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