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One of the ancestral snakes of the Binbinga, an aboriginal people living in northern Australia. Once the snake Bobbi-bobbi sent a number of flying foxes for men to eat, but these large bats managed to escape from the oven. Therefore, the snake, who was underground watching them, took out one of his ribs and threw it up. Using the bone as a boomerang the men killed the flying foxes for cooking. They later made a hole in the sky with it, and this angered Bobbi-bobbi, who seized hold of his rib when it fell back to earth. Since two of the young men tried to save the sacred boomerang, they were pulled down into the snake's mouth.

Another snake spirit was Ulanji. For some unknown reason this ancestor climbed rocks in order to bite off the heads of flying foxes. He also took out two ribs and his heart. Binbinga initiates are told that the snake father requires their foreskins.

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