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Literally, ‘born’. According to Germanic legend, the primeval cow Audumla, ‘the Nourisher’, licked the icy rocks which were salty to her taste. By the evening of the first day there appeared from the ice, at the spot where she was licking, the hair of a man; on the second day, a man's head; on the third day, an entire man. This was Buri, ‘the born one’, handsome, tall, and strong. He begat a son called Bor who took to wife Bestla, the daughter of a frost giant: they had three famous sons—Odin, Vili, and Ve. These deities killed the old giant Ymir, who had been sustained by the milk of Audumla. From Ymir's corpse they created the world, his gushing blood having drowned nearly all the other frost giants.

Subjects: Religion.

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