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One of the earliest English porcelain factories, situated in Stratford, in the East End of London. It was founded in the mid-1740s by the Irish painter Thomas Frye and glass maker Edward Heylyn. Soft-paste porcelain appears to have been made by 1748, although the earliest dated wares are of 1750. During the first decade the factory produced a wide range of useful wares and a variety of figure models in its characteristic heavy, thickly potted paste. After 1760 most products were richly enamelled in the Rococo style. The factory was sold in 1775.

http://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/ceramics/pages/subcategory.asp?subcat_id=725&subcat_name=Bow Description and illustrations on Museum of London website.

Subjects: Decorative Arts, Furniture, and Industrial Design.

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