'Bradshaw' can also refer to...

Chris M. Bradshaw

Corey J. A. Bradshaw

Ellen Bradshaw Aitken

George Bradshaw (1801—1853) compiler of railway guides

George Smith Bradshaw (1717—1812)

Henry Bradshaw (1831—1886) librarian and scholar

Henry Bradshaw (c. 1480—1513) scholar and hagiographer

Henry Bradshaw (c. 1500—1553) judge

Henry Bradshaw Society

Jack Bradshaw (1846—1937)

James Bradshaw (1635—1702) clergyman and ejected minister

James Bradshaw (1717—1746) Jacobite army officer

John Bradshaw (1602—1659) lawyer, politician, and regicide

John Bradshaw (1576—1618) Benedictine monk

John Bradshaw (c. 1659—1677) convicted criminal

Jonathan Bradshaw

Joseph Bradshaw Godber (1914—1980) politician

Mrs Albert S. Bradshaw (d. 1938)

Nicholas Bradshaw (1575—1655) Church of England clergyman

Penelope Bradshaw (1683—1754) compiler of cookery books

Percy Venner Bradshaw (1877—1965) illustrator and art teacher

Richard Bradshaw (1944—2007)

Richard Bradshaw (b. 1938)

Richard Bradshaw (1610—1685) merchant and diplomat

Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw (1916—1978) premier of St Christopher, Nevis and Anguilla

Sir Alexander Bradshaw Clegg (1909—1986) schoolteacher and educationist

Susan Bradshaw (1931—2005)

Terry Bradshaw (b. 1948)

Thomas Bradshaw (fl. c. 1581—1601) poet


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A timetable of all passenger trains in Britain, issued 1839–1961. It was named after its first publisher, George Bradshaw (1801–53), printer and engraver.

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