'Breton' can also refer to...

Adela Catherine Breton (1849—1923) archaeologist

André Breton (1896—1966) French poet, essayist, and critic

Anna Letitia Le Breton (1808—1885) writer

Breton arrowhead

Breton lays

Cape Breton coal strikes

Cape Breton Island

Gilles Le Breton (c. 1500—1552)

Gilles Le Breton (c. 1500—1552)

Guillaume le Breton (fl. c. 1239—1259) Franciscan friar and theologian

John Le Breton (b. 1854)

John le Breton (c. 1195—1270) justice and bishop of Hereford

Jules Breton (1827—1906)

Nicholas Breton (c. 1555—1626) poet

Noël le Breton Hauteroche, sieur de (1617—1707)

Tomás Bretón (y Hernández) (1850—1923)

William Corbet Le Breton (1815—1888) dean of Jersey


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Celtic language spoken in Brittany, on the nw coast of France. It is a descendant of British, an old Celtic language, and is closely related to Welsh. Its c.500,000 users usually also speak French, which is rapidly replacing it.


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