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1 A two-masted vessel square rigged on both masts. The word brig was originally an abbreviation of brigantine before the latter became known as a different type of ship. Brigs were widely used for coastal and short trading voyages and the Scottish clipper brigs were famous for trading to the Baltic. They were also used by several navies for training. Modern examples have been built for sail training including Royalist owned by the British Sea Cadet Corps, and Stavros S. Niarchos and Prince William owned by the Tall Ships Youth Trust (formerly the Sail Training Association). The smallest brig in current sail training is the 9-metre (30-ft) Bob Allen owned by the Sea Cadets.

See also hermaphrodite brig; snow.

See also hermaphrodite brig; snow.

2 A largely American term for the jail cell of a ship or in a naval establishment ashore.


Subjects: Maritime History.

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