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[high one (?)]. British goddess at the time of the Roman occupation, a personification of the hegemony of the Brigantes. She was concerned with river and water cults, and a centre of her worship was in what is now West Riding, Yorkshire. She is probably identical with the Gaulish goddess Brigindo, known only from inscription. The Romans equated her with Minerva, while more recent commentators have seen a link with Brigit. The River Brent, a tributary joining the Thames at Brentford, is named for Brigantia. The Welsh personal and place-name Braint appears to be derived from Brigantia.

See T. M. Charles-Edwards, ‘Native Political Organization in Roman Britain, etc.’, in Manfred Mayrhofer (ed.), Antiquitates Indogermanicae (Innsbruck, 1974), 35–45.

Subjects: Religion.

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