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Bromeliad trilogy

Highly efficient uptake of phosphorus in epiphytic bromeliads

Mutualistic ants contribute to tank-bromeliad nutrition

Spider-fed bromeliads: seasonal and interspecific variation in plant performance

The Social Breeding System of the Jamaican Bromeliad Crab Metopaulias depressus

Drying effects on archaeal community composition and methanogenesis in bromeliad tanks

The contribution of microorganisms and metazoans to mineral nutrition in bromeliads

Natural hybridization and genetic and morphological variation between two epiphytic bromeliads

Ant species identity mediates reproductive traits and allocation in an ant-garden bromeliad

Functional aspects of floral nectar secretion of Ananas ananassoides, an ornithophilous bromeliad from the Brazilian savanna

‘And then there were three’: highly efficient uptake of potassium by foliar trichomes of epiphytic bromeliads

Review of a Bromeliad-Ovipositing Lineage in Wyeomyia and the Resurrection of Hystatomyia (Diptera: Culicidae)

How Much Water is in the Tank? Model Calculations for Two Epiphytic Bromeliads

Mosquitoes in Bromeliads at Ground Level of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: the Relationship Between Mosquito Fauna, Water Volume, and Plant Type

Diel Shifts in Carboxylation Pathway and Metabolite Dynamics in the CAM Bromeliad Aechmea ‘Maya’ in Response to Elevated CO2

Seasonal influences on carbohydrate metabolism in the CAM bromeliad Aechmea ‘Maya’: consequences for carbohydrate partitioning and growth

Changes in Carbohydrate and Nutrient Contents Throughout a Reproductive Cycle Indicate that Phosphorus is a Limiting Nutrient in the Epiphytic Bromeliad, Werauhia sanguinolenta

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Any of the 1700 species of the pineapple family (Bromeliaceae). Most are native to the tropics and subtropics and, besides the pineapple, include many of the larger epiphytes of trees of the rainforests.


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