John Browne

(1742—1801) engraver

'John Browne' can also refer to...

John Browne (fl. c. 1480—1505) composer

John Browne (c. 1642—1703) surgeon

John Browne (1665—1735) chemist

John Browne (c. 1608—1691) parliamentary official

John Browne (1823—1886) Congregational minister and historian

John Browne (c. 1590—1646) gun-founder

John Collis Browne (1819—1884) physician and manufacturer of patent medicine

John Francis Archibald Browne (1902—1978) trust administrator

Sir Denis John Wolko Browne (1892—1967) paediatric surgeon

Sir Granville St John Orde Browne (1883—1947) army officer and colonial official


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