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1 (in botany) A condensed immature shoot with a short stem bearing small folded or rolled leaves. The outer leaves of a bud are often scalelike and protect the delicate inner leaves. A terminal (or apical) bud exists at the tip of a stem or branch while axillary (or lateral) buds develop in the axils of leaves. However, in certain circumstances buds can be produced anywhere on the surface of a plant. Some buds remain dormant, but may become active if the terminal bud is removed. It is common gardening practice to remove the terminal buds of some shoots to induce the development of lateral shoots from axillary buds. See also apical dominance.

2 (in biology) An outgrowth from a parent organism that breaks away and develops into a new individual in the process of budding.

Subjects: Biological Sciences — Chemistry.

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