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One hundred years of clostridial butanol fermentation

Frontiers in microbial 1-butanol and isobutanol production

Mitochondrial signaling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae pseudohyphae formation induced by butanol

Comparison between Odor Thresholds for Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol and Butanol

System-level modeling of acetone–butanol–ethanol fermentation

Industrial production of acetone and butanol by fermentation—100 years later

n-Butanol induces depolymerization of microtubules in vivo and in vitro

n-butanol: challenges and solutions for shifting natural metabolic pathways into a viable microbial production

Bioreactors and in situ product recovery techniques for acetone–butanol–ethanol fermentation

Characterization of an Arxula adeninivorans alcohol dehydrogenase involved in the metabolism of ethanol and 1-butanol

Derivation of a Human Equivalent Concentration for n-Butanol Using A Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model for n-Butyl Acetate and Metabolites n-Butanol and n-Butyric Acid

Trapping Lacanobia subjuncta, Xestia c-nigrum, and Mamestra configurata (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) with Acetic Acid and 3-Methyl-1-butanol in Controlled Release Dispensers

Rapid Method for Determination of Residual tert-Butanol in Liposomes Using Solid-Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromatography

Influence of evaporation and solvent mixtures on the absorption of toluene and n-butanol in human skin in vitro

1-Butanol targets the Golgi apparatus in tobacco BY-2 cells, but in a different way to Brefeldin A

Optimization and Validation of a GC–FID Method for the Determination of Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol Fermentation Products

The Effects of the Phospholipase D-Antagonist 1-Butanol on Seedling Development and Microtubule Organisation in Arabidopsis


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Either of two aliphatic alcohols with the formula C4H9OH. Butan-1-ol, CH3(CH2)3OH, is a primary alcohol; r.d. 0.81; m.p. –89.5°C; b.p. 117.3°C. Butan-2-ol, CH3CH(OH)C2H5, is a secondary alcohol; r.d. 0.81; m.p. –114.7°C; b.p. 100°C. Both are colourless volatile liquids obtained from butane and are used as solvents.

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