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Discussion on the Comment on Nature of Biotites in Alkaline, Calc-alkaline and Peraluminous Magmas

Calc-Alkaline Magmatism at the Archean–Proterozoic Transition: the Caicó Complex Basement (NE Brazil)

The Petrology and Geochemistry of Calc-Alkaline Andesites on Shodo-Shima Island, SW Japan

Petrology of Mafic Plutons Associated with Calc-Alkaline Granitoids, Chilliwack Batholith, North Cascades, Washington

Petrogenesis of Mafic to Felsic Plutonic Rock Associations: the Calc-alkaline Quérigut Complex, French Pyrenees

Nature of Biotites from Alkaline, Calc-alkaline and Peraluminous Magmas by Abdel-Fattah M. Abdel-Rahman: A Comment

The Role of Water in Generating the Calc-alkaline Trend: New Volatile Data for Aleutian Magmas and a New Tholeiitic Index

Geochemistry, Petrogenesis and Geodynamic Relationships of Miocene Calc-alkaline Volcanic Rocks in the Western Carpathian Arc, Eastern Central Europe

Contemporaneous Trachyandesitic and Calc-alkaline Volcanism of the Huerto Andesite, San Juan Volcanic Field, Colorado, USA

Petrogenesis and Implications of Calc-Alkaline Cryptic Hybrid Magmas from Washburn Volcano, Absaroka Volcanic Province, USA

Water-deficient Calc-alkaline Plutonic Rocks of Northeastern Superior Province, Canada: Significance of Charnockitic Magmatism

Chemical versus Temporal Controls on the Evolution of Tholeiitic and Calc-alkaline Magmas at Two Volcanoes in the Alaska–Aleutian Arc

The Petrogenesis of Felsic Calc-alkaline Magmas from the Southernmost Cascades, California: Origin by Partial Melting of Basaltic Lower Crust

Intracrustal Controls on the Coexistence of Tholeiitic and Calc-alkaline Magma Series at Aso Volcano, SW Japan

Inherited Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Rb–Sr Isotopic Signatures in Neogene Calc-alkaline Volcanics, Alborán Volcanic Province, SE Spain†

Almandine Garnet in Calc-alkaline Volcanic Rocks of the Northern Pannonian Basin (Eastern–Central Europe): Geochemistry, Petrogenesis and Geodynamic Implications

Early Proterozoic Calc-Alkaline and Middle Proterozoic Tholeiitic Dyke Swarms from Central–Eastern Argentina: Petrology, Geochemistry, Sr–Nd Isotopes and Tectonic Implications


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The name given to a suite of rocks comprising the volcanic association basalt–andesite–dacite–rhyolite, or the plutonic association gabbro–diorite– granodiorite–granite. The suite is defined chemically using a graph depicting the variation of CaO and (Na2O + K2O) with SiO2 (wt. %), and is classified as calc-alkaline if the SiO2 value at the intersection of the CaO and (Na2O + K2O) trends is between 56 and 61 SiO2 wt. %. (Less than 51 SiO2 wt. % and the rock suite is classed as belonging to the alkalic series, 51–56 SiO2 wt. % to the alkali-calcic series, and more than 61 SiO2 wt. % to the calcic series.) Calc-alkaline rocks are typically developed on the continental side of plate subduction zones, well-known examples occurring in the Andes of S. America and in Japan.

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