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Novel localization of callose in the spores of Physcomitrella patens and phylogenomics of the callose synthase gene family

Induction of callose in roots of Norway spruce seedlings after short-term exposure to aluminum

Callose in root apices of European chestnut seedlings: a physiological indicator of aluminum stress

Emerging models on the regulation of intercellular transport by plasmodesmata-associated callose

Maize Carbohydrate partitioning defective1 impacts carbohydrate distribution, callose accumulation, and phloem function

Exposure to heavy metal stress triggers changes in plasmodesmatal permeability via deposition and breakdown of callose

The role of callose in guard-cell wall differentiation and stomatal pore formation in the fern Asplenium nidus

The influence of tetrad shape and intersporal callose wall formation on pollen aperture pattern ontogeny in two eudicot species

Callose biosynthesis in arabidopsis with a focus on pathogen response: what we have learned within the last decade

Localization and Quantification of Callose in the Streptophyte Green Algae Zygnema and Klebsormidium: Correlation with Desiccation Tolerance

GLUCAN SYNTHASE-LIKE 5 (GSL5) Plays an Essential Role in Male Fertility by Regulating Callose Metabolism During Microsporogenesis in Rice

Caffeine Inhibits Callose Deposition in the Cell Plate and the Depolymerization of Microtubules in the Central Region of the Phragmoplast

Tocopherol deficiency reduces sucrose export from salt-stressed potato leaves independently of oxidative stress and symplastic obstruction by callose


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An insoluble glucan that is found in higher plants, in which glycosidic (see glycoside) linkages join the first and third carbon atoms of neighbouring beta-glucose units. Structurally it is similar to the protozoal storage carbohydrates, paramylon and leucosin, and also to the algal product laminarin. In angiosperms it is formed in response to injury, especially in phloem and in germinating pollen tubes.

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