Cape Denbigh, Alaska, USA

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Archaic Stage hunter‐gatherer sites on the shore of Norton Sound, excavated by J. L. Giddings over several seasons starting in 1948. The most complete sequence was found at Iyatayet, a campsite occupied by caribou hunters, where three main horizons were recognized: the Denbigh Flint Complex was the earliest (c.3000–2500 bc), followed by the Norton (c.100 bc to ad 200), and this in turn was followed by the Nukleet or western Thule (12th to 18th centuries ad). The Denbigh Flint Complex assemblage recovered was important because it not only included burins and microblades, but also showed that these items were associated with stone harpoon heads, spearheads, and knives.


J. L. Giddings, 1964, The archaeology of Cape Denbigh. Providence, RI: Brown University Press

Subjects: Archaeology.

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