John Carey

(1756—1826) classical scholar

'John Carey' can also refer to...

John Joseph Carey (1919—1995) footballer and football manager

HALL, John Carey (1844 - 1921)

Carey, John (1756-1826), classical scholar

John Evelyn and Elizabeth Carey/Mordaunt

CAREY, Walter Louis John (1872 - 1953), retired pay

Carey, John Joseph (1919-1995), footballer and football manager

CAREY, Charles John (born 1933), Member, European Communities’ Court of Auditors, 1983–92

CAREY-HUGHES, Richard John (born 1948), QC 2000; a Recorder, since 2000

Mordaunt [née Fraizer], Carey, countess of Peterborough and Monmouth (c. 1658-1709), political wife, and correspondent of John Locke

Apocrypha Hiberniae, II: Apocalyptica, 1: In Tenga Bithnua—The Ever-new Tongue. Edited by John Carey.

CAREY, John (born 1934), Merton Professor of English Literature, Oxford University, 1976–2001; Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, 1976–2001, now Emeritus

EVANS, Thomas John Carey (1884 - 1947), late Medical Superintendent, Hammersmith Hospital; Consulting Surgeon, St Paul’s Hospital for Genito-urinary Diseases

CAREY, Victor Gosselin (1871 - 1957), Honorary Doctor of Law, University of Caen, 1938; Knight of Grace, Order of St John of Jerusalem; Bailiff of Guernsey, 1935–46

ROSE, Alfred Carey Wollaston (died 1971), an Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Canterbury since 1957; Sub-Prelate of Order of St John of Jerusalem

Minor Poets of the Caroline Period, Vol. 2: Marmion's Cupid and Psyche, Kynaston's Leonine and Sydanis, and Cynthiades, Poems of John Hall, Sidney Godolphin and Philip Ayres, Chalkhill's Thealma and Clearchus, Poems of Patrick Carey and William Hammond, Bosworth's Arcadius and Sepha, &c

GILL-CAREY, Chapple (1897 - 1981), former Consulting Surgeon, Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital; former Consulting Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon: Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth; Surbiton Hospital; Former Member, Council, Royal College of Surgeons

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