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One of the fifteen books of the Khuddaka Nikāya of the Pāli Canon. The work contains tales in verse of the Buddha's previous births which match the corresponding Jātaka stories in prose, and presupposes an acquaintance with the events of those tales. The Cariyāpiṭaka stories, each called a cariyā (a Pāli term meaning proper conduct), mainly highlight the ten perfections (pāramī), by means of which the Buddha attained enlightenment (bodhi). The first two perfections are illustrated by ten stories each, while the remaining ones have only fifteen stories between them. The commentary on the Cariyāpiṭaka, ascribed to Dhammapāla, is part of the Paramatthadīpanī. According to the commentary, the Cariyāpiṭaka was preached by the Buddha at the request of Śāriputra after the conclusion of the Buddhavaṃsa. It was also preached by Mahinda in Anurādhapura soon after his arrival in Sri Lanka.

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