carpenter's stopper

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A metal stopper designed for holding a wire rope temporarily when it is under strain. It consists of a thick metal box with a hinged top and both ends open. One side of the box is grooved to take the lay of the wire rope, the other, which is inclined to the lead of the wire, holds a wedge-shaped piece of metal similarly grooved. When using the stopper the wire is laid in the box against the grooved side and the top is closed. The wedge is then inserted and pushed home as far as it will go. As the pull comes on the wire the wedge is drawn down further into the box until it jams the wire. The box itself is fitted with a chain bridle which is shackled to an eyeplate or deckbolt so that it is anchored to the deck while holding the wire.

carpenter's stopper

Subjects: Maritime History.

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