George Castle

(1635—1673) physician

'George Castle' can also refer to...

Castle, George (1634/1635-1673), physician

Chichester, George Augustus Hamilton (1822 - 1904), Governor of Carrickfergus Castle

1434 Joel Smits Castle of St George d'Elmina, 1 Feb 1694 [in Dutch]

48 Exham: Richard Exham, Bayonne Castle, to Mrs Richard Exham, Georges Street, Cork, 15 February 1757

VENABLES, George (1821 - 1906), Hon. Canon of Norwich from 1881; Rector of Burgh Castle from 1888

BROCK, Michael George (1920 - 2014), Warden of St George’s House, Windsor Castle, 1988–93

CARTER, Andrew (born 1943), HM Diplomatic Service, retired; Warden, St George’s House, Windsor Castle, 2003–08

REES-WILLIAMS, Jonathan (born 1949), Organist and Master of the Choristers, St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, 1991–2002

MILLER, John Joseph (1928 - 2005), Director of Studies, St George’s House, Windsor Castle, 1989–94

CAMPBELL, Sidney Scholfield (1909 - 1974), Organist, and Master of the Choristers, St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, since 1961

Extradition Agreement between Great Britain and the Netherlands, signed at Cape Coast Castle/St. George d'Elmina, 28 August 1862

Dublin Castle and the First Home Rule Crisis: The Political Journal of Sir George Fottrell, 1884–1887

127 Belvoir Castle: A poem written by the Rev. George Crabbe at the request of M. I. Rutland

VI Elegiac Stanzas: suggested by a Picture of Peele Castle, in a Storm, painted by Sir George Beaumont

DIXON, Roy Laurence Cayley (born 1924), Chapter Clerk, College of St George, Windsor Castle, 1981–90

BULL, George (1906 - 1986), Senior Partner of Bull & Bull, Solicitors, 11 Stone Buildings, Lincoln’s Inn, and 4 Castle Street, Canterbury

MIDDLETON, George (Proctor) (1905 - 1987), Medical Practitioner, retired 1973; Surgeon Apothecary to HM Household at Balmoral Castle, 1932–73

HARROD, Dominick Roy (1940 - 2013), journalist and broadcaster; Programme Director, St George’s House, Windsor Castle, 1994–98; President, Institute of Journalists, 1994–95

MAYHEW, George Henry (1901 - 1973), Group Marine Superintendent, British and Commonwealth Shipping Group, 1961–64, retired; Director, Union-Castle Line, 1961–64, retired; Commodore, Union-Castle Line, 1953–60; Commodore Master, RMS Windsor Castle (including maiden voyage) during 1960, retired from Sea Service, 1960

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