CD antigens

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The ‘cluster of differentiation’ antigens that were originally marker antigens found on different classes of lymphocytes using monoclonal antibodies. The CD nomenclature was introduced as a means of bringing consistency because the same CD antigen can be recognized by different monoclonal antibodies; international workshops are run to cross-compare antibodies against standard antigens. The CD antigens are no longer restricted to the immune system and the list covers a wide range of cell surface antigens, some of which are transiently expressed at particular stages of differentiation or following stimulation of cells by particular agents. In mid-2009 the list extended to CD350.

http://www.copewithcytokines.de/cope.cgi?key=CD%20antigens%20MiniCOPE%20Dictionary. Details of all CD antigens in Prof. Dr H Ibelgaufts's COPE encyclopedia.

http://www.abcam.com/ps/pdf/immunology/CD_antigen_table.pdf A free updated table of these is produced by Abcam.

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