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A large family of proteins involved in regulating cytoskeletal and membrane trafficking events by acting as GTPase-activating proteins for the ADP-ribosylation factor family and binding signalling molecules from the phosphatidylinositol system. Examples include centaurin-α2 (Arf-GAP with dual PH domain-containing protein 2, 381 aa), centaurin-β1 (ACAP-1, ARFGAP with coiled-coil, ANK repeat, and PH domain-containing protein 1, 740 aa), centaurin-δ1 (ARAP-2, Arf-GAP, Rho-GAP domain, ANK repeat, and PH domain-containing protein 2, PARX protein, 1704 aa), and centaurin-γ3 (AGAP-3, Arf-GAP, GTPase, ANK repeat, and PH domain-containing protein 3, CRAM-associated GTPase, 875 aa).

http://www.endocytosis.org/BARdomains/BARs.html Further details about this and other BAR superfamily proteins.

Subjects: Medicine and Health.

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