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Lit. a group of 100, was the smallest unit of the Roman legion; 60 centuries made up a legion. It was also the name given to the constituent units of the centuriate assembly (comitia centuriāta). The bulk of the assembly was made up of eighteen centuries of horsemen (equitēs), and 170 of foot‐soldiers (peditēs). The pedites were divided into five classēs according to their census. There were in addition five centuries of non‐combatants, of which four (of carpenters and musicians) were attached to one or other of the classes, and one (the capite censī (‘counted by head’) or proletarii), made up of those whose property fell below the minimum required for the fifth classis, were ranked separately below all the rest. The voting order of the assembly was fixed: first the equestrian centuries, then the classes, then the capite censi.

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