chloroethanoic acids

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Three acids in which hydrogen atoms in the methyl group of ethanoic acid have been replaced by chlorine atoms. They are: monochloroethanoic acid (CH2ClCOOH); dichloroethanoic acid (CHCl2COOH); trichloroethanoic acid (CCl3COOH). The presence of chlorine atoms in the methyl group causes electron withdrawal from the COOH group and makes the chloroethanoic acids stronger acids than ethanoic acid itself. The Ka values (in moles dm−3 at 25°C) are

CH3COOH 1.7 × 10−5

CH2ClCOOH 1.3 × 10−3

CHCl2COOH 5.0 × 10−2

CCl3COOH 2.3 × 10−1

Subjects: Chemistry.

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