'Clare' can also refer to...

Ada Clare

Alan Clare (1921—1993)

Austin Clare (c. 1845—1932)

Baldwin de Clare (fl. c. 1120—1164) soldier

Bogo de Clare (1248—1294) ecclesiastic and figure of scandal


Clare And The Reasons

Clare, Angel

Clare Atwood (1866—1962) artist

Clare Booth Luce (1903—1987)

Clare Boylan (1948—2006)

Clare Brant

Clare Cassidy

Clare Consuelo Sheridan (1885—1970) sculptor and journalist

Clare Eames (1896—1930)

Clare election

Clare Fischer (b. 1928)

Clare Kellar

Clare Kummer (c. 1873—1958)

Clare Mallory

Clare of Montefalco (1268—1308)

Clare Palmer

Clare Pettitt

Clare Rosamund Venables (1943—2003) theatre director

Clare Sewell Read (1826—1905) agriculturist and politician

Clare Shaw

Clare Teal (b. 1973)

Clare Turlay Newberry (1903—1970)

Clare Wohlgemuth


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