'Clapham' can also refer to...

Andrew Clapham

(Arthur) Roy Clapham (1904—1990) botanist

Clapham Sect

David Clapham (c. 1523—1551) translator

Henoch Clapham (fl. c. 1575—1624) writer on theology and preacher

John Clapham (1908—1992) musicologist

John Clapham (1566—1619) historian and poet

John Clapham (1873—1946) economic historian

Samuel Clapham (1757—1830) Church of England clergyman and writer

Sir Alfred William Clapham (1883—1950) architectural historian and archaeologist

Sir Michael John Sinclair Clapham (1912—2002) printer and industrialist


Quick Reference

A district in south-west London.

man on the Clapham omnibus the type of the average man; the phrase is attributed to the English judge Lord Bowen (1853–94).

Clapham Sect an early 19th-century group noted for evangelical opinions and philanthropic activity; some of the chief members lived at Clapham.

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