John Clarke

(c. 1829—1879) actor

'John Clarke' can also refer to...

John Clarke (d. 1741)

John Clarke (1662—1723) Jesuit

John Clarke (c. 1591—1658) schoolmaster

John Clarke (1609—1676) colonial agent and Baptist preacher

John Clarke (1682—1757) dean of Salisbury and mathematician

John Clarke (1687—1734) schoolmaster and educational reformer

John Clarke (1757—1820) schoolmaster

John Clarke (b. 1948)

John Clarke (c. 1582—1653) physician

John Clarke (1706—1761) schoolmaster

John Clarke (1760—1815) physician and obstetrician

John Clarke MacDermott (1896—1979) lord chief justice of Northern Ireland

John Clarke Whitfeld (1770—1836) organist and composer

John Cooper Clarke (b. 1949)

John H. Clarke (1916—1922)

John Henrik Clarke (1915—1998)

John Randall Clarke (1827—1863) author

John Sleeper Clarke (1833—1899) actor

John Smith Clarke (1885—1959) politician, lion-tamer, and newspaper editor

William John Clarke Miller (1832—1903) mathematician and medical administrator

William John Turner Clarke (1805—1874) pastoralist and financier in Australia


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