Claudius Nero, Tiberius

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Was quaestor 48 and commanded Caesar's fleet in the Alexandrian War (48–47). In 46 he was entrusted with the settlement of veterans in Narbonese Gaul (see gaul (transalpine) ). In 44, however, he proposed that Caesar's murderers should be rewarded. Praetor 41, he supported Antonius (Pietas) against Octavian, and took part in the defence of Perusia. Early in 40 he escaped, tried in vain to incite a slave‐rising in Campania, and joined Sextus Pompeius in Sicily with his wife Livia Drusilla and infant son Tiberius, the future emperor. Later, disagreeing with Sextus, he joined Antony in Greece, and returned to Rome after the Pact of Mīsēnum (39). In January 38 Octavian persuaded him to divorce Livia so that he might marry her himself. His second son Nero Claudius Drusus was born three months after the marriage.

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