(c. 1183—1258) Dominican friar and bishop of Dunblane

'Clement' can also refer to...

(Allen) Clement Edwards (1869—1938) trade unionist, barrister, and journalist

Archie C. A. Clements

Barthe DeClements (b. 1920)

Caesar Clement (1561—1626) Roman Catholic priest

Catherine Clément (b. 1939)

Charles-François Clément (c. 1720—1782)

Charlie Clements


Clement (1378—1394)

Clement (c. 1360—1446)

Clement (fl. c. 734—757) alleged heretic

Clement Adams (c. 1519—1587) schoolmaster and map engraver

Clement Armstrong (1477—1536)

(Clement) Arthur Milton (1928—2007) cricketer and footballer

Clement Attlee (1883—1967) prime minister

Clement Barksdale (c. 1609—1687) Church of England clergyman and author

Clement Biddle (1740—1814)

Clement Bushay

Clement C. Moore (1779—1863)

Clement Carlyon (1777—1864) physician

Clement Charles Julian Webb (1865—1954) theologian and philosopher of religion

Clement Corbet (c. 1576—1652) civil lawyer

Clement Crisp (b. 1931)

Clement Cruttwell (1743—1808) compiler of religious works and gazetteers

Clement Edward Davies (1884—1962) lawyer and politician

Clement Ellis (1633—1700) Church of England clergyman

Clement Greenberg (1909—1994)

Clement Heaton (1824—1882) joint founder of a firm of stained-glass makers and architectural decorators

Clement Hoare (1789—1849) vine grower


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