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Battle described in the Book of Leinster in which Bresal Bélach led the Leinstermen against Cairbre Lifechair, king of Tara, and killed him and his son Eochu Doimlén. Fionn mac Cumhaill and his Fianna are described as assisting the victors. Cf. the better-known story of Cath Gabhra [The Battle of Gabhair/Gowra], in which Cairbre rids Ireland of the Fianna. Cnámross, coextensive with the modern hamlet of Camross, near Barry's Cross, Co. Carlow. The Fomorians of the Lebor Gabála [Book of Invasions] defeat the Nemedians at a different Cnámross, probably in Co. Wexford.

Subjects: Religion.

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