coding codon

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coding codon

coding codon

codon (also coding triplet)

Codon reassignment in the Escherichia coli genetic code

Evidence of rare codon clusters within Escherichia coli coding regions

Investigating Protein-Coding Sequence Evolution with Probabilistic Codon Substitution Models

Sense codon emancipation for proteome-wide incorporation of noncanonical amino acids: rare isoleucine codon AUA as a target for genetic code expansion

AUG codons at the beginning of protein coding sequences are frequent in eukaryotic mRNAs with a suboptimal start codon context

Novel Ciliate Genetic Code Variants Including the Reassignment of All Three Stop Codons to Sense Codons in Condylostoma magnum

LaTcOm: a web server for visualizing rare codon clusters in coding sequences

Tuning protein expression using synonymous codon libraries targeted to the 5′ mRNA coding region

Computational Methods for Evaluating Phylogenetic Models of Coding Sequence Evolution with Dependence between Codons

Consequences of Stop Codon Reassignment on Protein Evolution in Ciliates with Alternative Genetic Codes

Conserved codon composition of ribosomal protein coding genes in Escherichia coli, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae: lessons from supervised machine learning in functional genomics

Statistical Comparison of Nucleotide, Amino Acid, and Codon Substitution Models for Evolutionary Analysis of Protein-Coding Sequences

The presence of pseudouridine in the anticodon alters the genetic code: A possible mechanism for assignment of the AAA lysine codon as asparagine in echinoderm mitochondria

γ-Glutamyl transferase (GGT) deficiency in the GGT enu1 mouse results from a single point mutation that leads to a stop codon in the first coding exon of GGT mRNA


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A nucleotide triplet (i.e. a codon) in messenger-RNA which codes for an amino acid to be included at a particular point in a forming polypeptide.

Subjects: Ecology and Conservation.

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