'Collins' can also refer to...

Albert Collins (1932—1993)

Andrew Collins

Ansell Collins (b. 1948)

Anthems In Eden (Collins, Shirley And Dolly album)

Anthony Collins (1893—1963)

Anthony Collins (1676—1729) philosopher and freethinker

Arthur Collins (1682—1760) genealogist

Arthur Collins

Barbara-Rose Collins (b. 1939)

Barry Collins (b. 1941)

Benjamin Collins (1715—1785) newspaper proprietor and publisher

Benjamin Collins Brodie (1783—1862) physiologist and surgeon

Billy Collins

Bootsy Collins (b. 1951)

Brian Collins

Cal Collins (b. 1933)

Callins v. Collins

Cardiss Collins (b. 1931)

Cecil Collins (1908—1989) painter

Charles Allston Collins (1828—1873) painter and writer

Charles Collins (c. 1680—1744) bird and mammal painter

Charles Henry Collins Baker (1880—1959) art historian and painter

Charles James Collins (1820—1864) writer

Christine E. Collins

Christopher Collins

Cold Snap (Albert Collins album)

An Collins (fl. c. 1643—1663) poet


Collins, Allen, Band


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A letter of thanks for hospitality or entertainment, sent by a departed guest, from such a letter sent by Mr Collins, the pompous young clergyman in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (1813), to the Bennet family.

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