John Collins

(c. 1725—1759) landscape painter

'John Collins' can also refer to...

John A. Collins (1810—1879)

John Churton Collins (1848—1908) university extension teacher and advocate of the academic study of English literature

John Collins (1741—1797) literary scholar

John Collins (1625—1683) mathematician and scientific administrator

John Collins (c. 1576—1634) physician

John Collins (c. 1632—1687) Independent minister

John Collins (1811—1874)

John Collins (b. 1913)

John Collins (1742—1808) actor and poet

John N. Collins

John Ulric Collins (c. 1750—1807) army officer in the East India Company and diplomatist

(Lewis) John Collins (1905—1982) Church of England clergyman and social reformer

Revd John Collins

Vice-Admiral Sir John Augustine Collins (1899—1989)


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