'co-metabolism' can also refer to...


CO2‐concentrating: consequences in crassulacean acid metabolism

Anaerobic metabolism of aromatic compounds via the benzoyl-CoA pathway

Influence of subantarctic Macrocystis bed metabolism in diel changes of marine bacterioplankton and CO2 fluxes

Conditions Leading to High CO2 (>5 kPa) in Waterlogged–Flooded Soils and Possible Effects on Root Growth and Metabolism

Regulators of nonsulfur purple phototrophic bacteria and the interactive control of CO2 assimilation, nitrogen fixation, hydrogen metabolism and energy generation

Modules of co-regulated metabolites in turmeric (Curcuma longa) rhizome suggest the existence of biosynthetic modules in plant specialized metabolism

Co-ordinated expression of amino acid metabolism in response to N and S deficiency during wheat grain filling

Effects of High CO2 on Growth and Metabolism of Arabidopsis Seedlings During Growth with a Constantly Limited Supply of Nitrogen

Ectopic Expression of a Loblolly Pine Class II 4-Coumarate:CoA Ligase Alters Soluble Phenylpropanoid Metabolism but not Lignin Biosynthesis in Populus

Genotype Influences Sulfur Metabolism in Broccoli (Brassica oleracea L.) Under Elevated CO2 and NaCl Stress

Use of transcriptomics and co-expression networks to analyze the interconnections between nitrogen assimilation and photorespiratory metabolism

Prebiotic Origin of Glycolytic Metabolism: Histidine and Cysteine can Produce Acetyl CoA from Glucose via Reactions Homologous to Non-phosphorylated Entner-Doudoroff Pathway

Elevated pCO2 favours nitrate reduction in the roots of wild‐type tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum cv. Gat.) and significantly alters N‐metabolism in transformants lacking functional nitrate reductase in the roots

Quantitative RT–PCR Platform to Measure Transcript Levels of C and N Metabolism-Related Genes in Durum Wheat: Transcript Profiles in Elevated [CO2] and High Temperature at Different Levels of N Supply

The Analysis of 13C/12C Ratios in Exhaled CO2: Its Advantages and Potential Application to Field Research to Infer Diet, Changes in Diet Over Time, and Substrate Metabolism in Birds1


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Any oxidation of substances by a microorganism in which the energy yielded by the oxidation is not used to support microbial growth. The presence or absence of growth substrate therefore cannot be inferred from such an oxidation.


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