Commentāriolum petitiōnis

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An essay in epistolary form, c.5,000 words, on the technique of electioneering, purporting to be addressed by Quintus Tullius Cicero to his brother Marcus Tullius Cicero 1 on the occasion of the latter's consular candidature in 64 bc. Its authenticity has been repeatedly impugned; the arguments against it are conclusive. The level of contemporary reference implies, at all events, much familiarity with the history of the period. The only plausible later context for the production of such a document would be that of a rhetorical exercise (see declamation). The content is divided into three sections: first, the means necessary to overcome the disadvantage of being a novus homo; second, methods of building up support, (a) through personal connections and (b) through canvassing the popular vote, the latter regarded as less important; third, a short section on how to prevent or counteract bribery.

See elections and voting, roman.

See elections and voting, roman.

Subjects: Classical Studies.

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