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A device for holding the chain cable attached to an anchor against the side of the navel pipe by choking it to prevent it running out. In some larger vessels separate compressors are mounted on the forecastle in the line of the cables, which are then led directly through them. In such cases the cables are held on the compressors after anchoring until they can be permanently secured by the slips. A more usual practice, however, is to hold them for this purpose by a brake on the cable-holders. When hemp cables were used in the days of the old square-riggers, before the introduction of chain, the compressor was a curved iron bar, pivoted at one end, with a handle to give leverage which could be applied to the cable where it passed over a block of wood mounted on deck in the line of the run of the cable, either to check the speed at which it was running out or to bring it to a stop altogether and hold it until the cable could be bitted and secured.

Subjects: Maritime History.

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