complementary strand

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complementary strand

Why are complementary DNA strands symmetric?

Transcriptome analysis by strand-specific sequencing of complementary DNA

Complementary strand relocation may play vital roles in RecA-based homology recognition

Complementary strand analysis: a new approach for allelic separation in complex polyallelic genetic systems

The Joining of Non-Complementary DNA Double-Strand Breaks by Mammalian Extracts

Separation of 1–23-kb complementary DNA strands by urea–agarose gel electrophoresis

Effect of complementary C-strand on telomere G-quartet structure

Clear distinction of pyrimidine bases on the complementary strand by fluorescence change of novel fluorescent nucleosides

p53 Abnormalities in Primary Prostate Cancer: Single-Strand Conformation Polymorphism Analysis of Complementary DNA in Comparison With Genomic DNA

A Study in Entire Chromosomes of Violations of the Intra-strand Parity of Complementary Nucleotides (Chargaff's Second Parity Rule)

Site-selective and hydrolytic two-strand scission of double-stranded DNA using Ce(IV)/EDTA and pseudo-complementary PNA

Reverse transcriptases can clamp together nucleic acids strands with two complementary bases at their 3′-termini for initiating DNA synthesis

Specific implications of the HIV-1 nucleocapsid zinc fingers in the annealing of the primer binding site complementary sequences during the obligatory plus strand transfer

G-quadruplex formation in human telomeric (TTAGGG)4 sequence with complementary strand in close vicinity under molecularly crowded condition

Resolution of a structural competition involving dimeric G-quadruplex and its C-rich complementary strand

High-affinity RNA mimicking binding of 2′,4′-BNANC towards complementary strands: A comparative study with 2′,4′-BNA/LNA

Conformational change of a nucleotide by a base-pair mimic nucleoside in the complementary DNA strand

Structural characterization of the highly conserved 98-base sequence at the 3′ end of HCV RNA genome and the complementary sequence located at the 5′ end of the replicative viral strand


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