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A name found with differing associations in three Celtic lands. In Ireland it is: Conán [hound, wolf] and is borne by two characters in the Fenian Cycle, Conán mac Morna and Conán mac Lia, as well as by six saints and scores of minor characters in narratives. In Wales it is: Conan [to grumble, to mutter (?)] and is the name of Tegid Faol [the bald]. In Brittany Conan is the name for Cynan, the British invader of the country; it was also borne by four counts of Rennes who reigned from the 10th to the 12th centuries. Despite much conjecture, there does not seem to be a link between any of the Celtic figures named Conan and the Conan of the pulp adventure fiction series of Robert E. Howard (d. 1936). Distinguish from Conand.

Subjects: Religion.

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