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Cordillera (Paraguay, Philippines)

The History of These Sublime Cordilleras Geology, Prehistory, and History

The Montane Cloud Forests of the Volcanic Cordilleras

Distribution of crack density parameter in Central Betic Cordillera (Southern Spain)

The Montane Cloud Forests of the Cordillera de Talamanca

A New Species of Northern Shrew-Opossum (Paucituberculata: Caenolestidae) from the Cordillera Del Cóndor, Ecuador

Assessing Inheritance of Zircon and Monazite in Granitic Rocks from the Monashee Complex, Canadian Cordillera

The Lithospheric Mantle beneath Continental Margins: Melting and Melt–Rock Reaction in Canadian Cordillera Xenoliths

Na-rich Partial Melts from Newly Underplated Basaltic Crust: the Cordillera Blanca Batholith, Peru

Crustal structure of the south-central Andes Cordillera and backarc region from regional waveform modelling

Three-dimensional structure across the Tintina strike-slip fault, northern Canadian Cordillera, from seismic refraction and reflection tomography

Melt Migration and Intrusion during Exhumation of the Alboran Lithosphere: the Tallante Mantle Xenolith Record (Betic Cordillera, SE Spain)

Partially Melted Crustal Xenoliths as a Window into Sub-Volcanic Processes: Evidence from the Neogene Magmatic Province of the Betic Cordillera, SE Spain

Enriched Basaltic Andesites from Mid-crustal Fractional Crystallization, Recharge, and Assimilation (Pilavo Volcano, Western Cordillera of Ecuador)


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1 Broad assemblage of mountain ranges belonging to orogenic belts of different ages which formed originally at destructive plate margins.

2 System of mountain ranges, together with their related plateaux and intermontane basins. For example, the Cordillera of N. America includes all the mountain ranges and plateaux west of the Great Plains and of the Mexican lowlands.

3 Subsidiary complex of ranges within a mountain system, e.g. the eastern and western cordillera of the Andes.

4 Individual range, e.g. the Cordillera Patagonica of the southern Andes.

Subjects: Ecology and Conservation — Earth Sciences and Geography.

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