Cornēlius Sulla, Faustus

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Son of Cornelius Sulla Felix and of Caecilia Metella. His praenōmen and that of his twin sister, Fausta, were given to symbolize their father's good fortune. As his father's heir he was repeatedly threatened with prosecution. Serving as military tribune under Pompey, he was the first to scale the walls of the Temple in Jerusalem. On his return, he gave magnificent games in his father's memory (60 bc), was made augur, and in 56 issued coins chiefly celebrating his father and Pompey. He was quaestor 54 and supported his half‐brother Aemilius Scaurus and, in 52, his brother‐in‐law Annius Milo in their trials. He was put in charge of the restoration of the senate‐house destroyed after Clodius Pulcher's death. In the Civil War he joined Pompey, fled to Africa after Pharsalus, and after Thapsus was captured and killed.

Subjects: Classical Studies.

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