coronal loop

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coronal loop

coronal loop

Cross-Section Variations of Coronal Magnetic Loops

Coronal loops above an active region: Observation versus model

Competition between shock and turbulent heating in coronal loop system

Thermal responses in a coronal loop maintained by wave heating mechanisms

The effects of twisted magnetic field on coronal loop oscillations and dissipation

The effect of density stratification on the resonant absorption of MHD waves in coronal loops

The effects of density stratification on standing fast body oscillations in coronal loops and dissipation

Temperature Distributions and Energy Scaling Law of Solar Coronal Loops Obtained with Yohkoh

Erratum: Temperature Distributions and Energy Scaling Law of Solar Coronal Loops Obtained with Yohkoh

Three-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Numerical Simulations of Coronal Loop Oscillations Associated with Flares

Resonant absorption of kink magnetohydrodynamic waves by a magnetic twist in coronal loops

The effect of foot-point boundary conditions on transverse oscillations of cooling coronal loops

Standing Kink Waves with Longitudinal Flow in Fine Threaded Coronal Loops: A New Method for the Coronal Seismology through Beat and Damped Waves

Hinode EUV Imaging Spectrometer Observations of Active Region Loop Morphology: Implications for Static Heating Models of Coronal Emission

Magnetic configurations related to the coronal heating and solar wind generation. I. Twist and expansion profiles of magnetic loops produced by flux emergence

Contribution and Properties of the Green- and Red-Line Coronal Loops in the K-Corona


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A structure in the Sun's corona seen in X-ray, ultraviolet, or white-light images, consisting of an arch extending upwards from the photosphere. Loops come in a wide range of sizes, from transequatorial loops up to 1 solar radius in length (700 000 km) that join active regions in opposite hemispheres, down to quiet region loops at around 5000 km long. The two ends of the loop, called the footpoints, are located in regions of the photosphere of opposite magnetic polarity to each other. This and other evidence suggests that coronal loops are magnetic flux tubes filled with hot plasma.

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