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Assessed work which is completed by the student during the process of their course of study. It is usually the case that the assessment outcomes for their coursework will count towards the student's final mark or grade. If the course involves no terminal examination or end test, the coursework alone will form the basis of the final assessment outcome. This model is known as continuous assessment, and is often employed for the assessment of modular programmes of study. Where an end examination or test is also used, the student's performance in their assessed coursework will constitute a fixed proportion of their final and overall mark or grade. Coursework may be set at regular intervals during the course of study, often, although not always, in the form of written assignments; or it may take the form of an ongoing project on which the student works for part or all of the duration of their course. It may be internally assessed by the student's own teachers or institution, or externally assessed by an awarding body; or the process may involve a combination of both of these, with specified pieces of coursework, or a representative sample of all coursework, being scrutinized by the awarding body, while the remainder is assessed internally. This latter is the type of model which operates, for example, in the assessment of General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) coursework. As well as providing a means of summative assessment by contributing to the student's final and overall mark or grade, coursework has the advantage of providing the student with formative assessment, since it is a means of giving feedback on their current level of attainment and of identifying areas of weakness which need to be addressed. Detractors of coursework‐based assessment, on the other hand, accuse it of lack of rigour and of being open to plagiarism and other forms of inequity which render it unreliable in comparison to invigilated and time‐constrained examinations. Nevertheless, it constitutes part of the assessment process in key qualifications throughout secondary and tertiary education, from GCSEs, Advanced Levels, and diplomas, to master's degrees.

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