'coward' can also refer to...

Coward Of The County (Ginger Baker/Denver Jazz Quintet album)

Henry Coward (1849—1944) chorus master

James Coward (1824—1880) organist

No coward soul is mine

Noël Coward (1899—1973) playwright and composer

Sir Cecil Allen Coward (1845—1938) lawyer

Thomas Alfred Coward (1867—1933) ornithologist and journalist

William Coward (1648—1738) merchant and benefactor of the Coward Trust

William Coward (c. 1657—1720) physician and theological writer


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Cowards die many times before their death a comment on vividly imagined fears, often with allusion to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, ‘Cowards die many times before their deaths: The valiant never taste of death but once.’ The saying is recorded from the late 16th century.

cowardy custard a cowardly person, often used as a taunt by children, and recorded as such from the mid 19th century. (Early forms also have costard, a kind of cooking apple which was humorously used to mean a person's head.)

See also a bully is always a coward.

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