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In the Celtic countries the concept of craftsman [Ir. ceardaí, saor; W crefftwr] would include artisan, carpenter, potter, or wright, but does not always include smith [Ir. gabha; W gof]. The craftsman or carpenter of the Tuatha Dé Danann in Ireland is Luchta, who frequently works with Goibniu, a weaponmaker, wright, or smith, and Credne, a metalsmith. Goibniu was known as Gobbán Saor [Ir., Gobbán the wright or craftsman] in folk-tales. Partholón in the Lebor Gabála [Book of Invasions], is the chief of every craft. The epithet of Lug Lámfhota is Samildánach [possessor of many talents or crafts]. Llassar Llaes Gyfnewid, the possessor of the cauldron of regeneration in Manawydan, the third branch of the Mabinogi, was known for his craftsmanship.

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