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Cultural Chernobyl a cultural disaster; an event which is considered to be detrimental to the culture of a particular country, used originally and chiefly with reference to the opening of the Euro Disney theme park near Paris in April 1992. The phrase is a translation of French Tchernobyl Culturel (as used by the theatre director Ariane Mnouchkine) from the name Chernobyl, site of a serious nuclear accident in the Ukraine in 1986.

Cultural Revolution a political upheaval in China 1966–8 intended to bring about a return to revolutionary Maoist beliefs. Largely carried forward by the Red Guard, it resulted in attacks on intellectuals, a large-scale purge in party posts, and the appearance of a personality cult around Mao Zedong. It led to considerable economic dislocation and was gradually brought to a halt by premier Zhou Enlai.

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